The New Member of the Slovak Automotive Industry Association Helps Achieve Improved Quality in Automotive Products


zap logoThe Automotive Industry Association of the Slovak Republic (ZAP SR) is a voluntary association of legal entities engaged in research and development, production and sales of motor vehicles and trailers. Currently bringing together 144 legal entities, it keeps many domestic and international contacts and cooperates with several associations of similar focus.

Since 15 June 2011, ANASOFT has become a full member of the Association and intends to accomplish the mission and goals of the Association in partcular by improving quality of Slovak automotive products.

Based on its extensive experience in AUTOMOTIVE manufacturing, ANASOFT has been supplying its product called EMANS – a solution for complex assembly process management to manufacturers of automotive parts and modules. It is a modular system providing full automation of assembly processes, including workplace designs according to POKA-YOKE principles and providing traceability and open connectivity to any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. The HBPO Company won the Porsche award with the help of EMANS.