Monitoring and Management of Production Processes in HBPO


HBPO, world-wide development and manufacturing partner of front-end modules for all major car manufacturers has monitoring and management of production processes under control. International company ANASOFT has designed new conception of production process management for HBPO which brought transparency into the production process monitoring and synchronization of order realization. At the same time monitoring of production processes was successfully brought under overall control as well as their subsequent evaluation. Resultant solution is exceptional also with integration of object recognition technology. Success of the final solution EMANS is confirmed with successful implementation in HBPO all over the world. As a result, cars are safer and drivers content.

Product error rate challenge

Product error rate risk is a common fact regarding the production processes. HBPO has decided to accept this challenge, get it under control and thereby improve the safety and reliability of its production. Very specific and distinct objectives were set: to convert the exerted system of partial and intricately configurable solutions within the production process to a centralized solution for process management in Just in Time (JIT) arrangement.

Solution method with image recognition

ANASOFT, based on previous practice and with its individual approach to each customer, has created a solution of a centralized system with active process analysis. Solution covering a number of operations is comprehensive and easy to configure. Modification of current operation procedures and addition of new ones is performed from one place. Processes are monitored in real time, thus preventing the production of faulty product. If the production procedure is not observed, machines and appliances will not allow continuing in a given process. ANASOFT used image recognition technology while designing this active analysis. Standard solutions of leading industrial electronics companies were used at process implementation.