Assembly Lines from England to Mexico


ANASOFT has recently successfully finished the implementation of EMANS product (complex management of assembly processes) designed for control of assembly line production for HBPO in Banbury, England.

Zoltán Csanda , business manager of ANASOFT explained: „It was an exemplary implementation,project will be progressively put into practice also in other HBPO facilities." HPBO is global producer of automobile components and specifically in Banbury front-end modules for new type of BMW mini are assembled. Line capacity of the facility is 1000 units per day.

Project introduced the deployment of camera system, for monitoring the presence of components on three parts of the assembly line.  Zoltán Csanda added: “When considering production processes, risk of faulty products is a well known one. Our solution offers real-time control over processes and prevents the production of faulty product. This way, we contribute for production of safer cars all over the world “.

Implementation for control of line production started in June this year. “More lines are going to be built also in Slovakia, Germany, Mexico and Hungary,” manager added.  

EMANS, product of ANASOFT is a modular system which greatly contributes to the high quality of production procedures and final products. Its architecture ensures high flexibility, security and openness. “Solutions we successfully implemented for our clients cover large scope of manufacturing corporations’ management starting from assembly processes through optimization of production to managerial information systems, support of business and marketing,” Zoltán Csanda concluded.