Practical Logistics Forum presents the apply INDUSTRY 4.0 through EMANS


The main idea behind INDUSTRY 4.0 is to connect manufacturing machines, manufactured products, information systems and other segments of manufacturing through computers. The aim of such computer connection is to create an intelligent distributed network of various entities across the entire manufacturing process in which added value is created. Individual subsystems within this network operate relatively autonomously and communicate with each other when necessary. We will present how to apply this to internal logistics through the practical example of our EMANS solution.

Practical Logistics Forum presents the apply INDUSTRY 4.0 through EMANS


Practical Logistics Forum

The primary goal of the conference entitled Practical Logistics Forum, which will be held on September 20, 2016 at CHATEAU GBEĽANY (Slovakia), is to exchange logistics experience, inspiration from expert discussions and general information.  

Main topics in 2016:

  • SMART Stock
  • Industry 4.0 in logistics
  • Simulation as a prevention of possible errors
  • Automated internal logistics and its benefits

Why participate:

  • Inspirational meetings with experts from the field of logistics
  • Information concerning new trends in logistics
  • Practical solutions and ideas
  • New contacts and opportunities
  • Mini discussion clubs concerning logistics issues
  • Space for new experience and thinking about your goals

You can register at

If you cannot participate at the conference, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to present our solution EMANS for meeting the main idea of INDUSTRY 4.0 regarding internal logistics or other processes in manufacturing plants.