Let´s Expect Unexpected 2019: Disruptive Technologies and Near Future


Series of Tech Conferences Let´s Expect Unexpected

Digitalisation. Artificial Intelligence. Emerging disruptive technologies. Singularity. New technologies are transforming society and business at breakneck speed. The new series of conferences Let´s Expect Unexpected will zero in on topics of near future and opportunities they will yield. ANASOFT will speak at the conference on the theme of digital transformation and intelligent industry.

Modern technologies break into practice much faster than they used to. Verified technologic and strategic models are gradually losing their relevancy and efficiency in the age of digital transformation and disruptive technologies. Emerging new-tech is called disruptive because of their significant and unprecedented impact on current processes leading to the foundation of new models in all sectors and across industries.

New series of international conferences Let´s Expect Unexpected reacts on the hot trends and future there are ushering in along the new ways of thinking vital for the world of tomorrow. In order to prepare for the upcoming digital future in professional life and to demonstrate the vast possibilities of disruptive technologies, the conferences from the series Expecting the Unexpected will focus on 4 crucial domains in 2019:

-          Exponential World and Singularity

-          Digital Technologies that Are Arriving and Their Effects

-          Manufacturing of the Future and Exponential Technologies

-          Exponential Organization– Companies of the Future

The organisers invited experienced industry professionals from Central Europe who work with exponential technologies in business such as innovators, visionaries, IT experts or Industry 4.0 managers.

As an international provider of innovative solutions in intelligent industry and smart logistics, ANASOFT was invited to speak at the inaugural edition of the series of conferences on March 28 2019. The company´s president Michal Hrabovec will share his knowledge with disruptive technologies and their implementation into industry and logistics as well as his expertise with digital transformation of industry ANASOFT has been successful with over more than a decade.

The lecture titled Digitalisation, Automation and View into the Future will also revolve around the topic of Digital Twin, a disruptive technology which importance and impact will be rapidly rising in years to come. Digital Twin as a virtual copy of a physical object is a concept well-known from the 1970s popularized by NASA during the Apollo 13 rescue mission. It has been used ever since, although lately primarily as an analytical tool employed in simulation models and data interpretation, such as in order to optimize manufacturing or logistics processes.

However, the Digital Twin is currently undergoing a renaissance primarily as an autonomous intelligent agent deployed for management of complex processes. The technology of Digital Twin enables the use of swarm intelligence in manufacturing processes, transformation of common objects into intelligent things as well as extension of cognitive abilities of employees.

The Digital Twin belongs in the larger digital ecosystem, Cyber-Physical System, which will be the subject of the lecture as well. Digital Twin thus represents one of several cyber layers, enabling the convergence of the physical and virtual environment. The interconnection of physical components and software components develops within cyber-physical systems while each component operates in different spatial and time spheres, yet they interact mutually.

In addition to cyber-physical systems being at the very heart of Smart Factory, Digital Factory, and Connected Factory concept, they are widely applicable outside the manufacturing and logistics industry along the technology of Digital Twin.

Last but not least, another hot topic will be tackled during the speech – Big Data and Augmented Analytics. In the age of digital transformation, data earned the moniker of virtual black gold thanks to the benefits it brings to enterprises, as well as its social transformational potential. The transition from descriptive analytics to predictive analytics (helped notably by artificial intelligence) will speed up the decision-making processes in complex situations. 


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