LOG-IN 2019: Logistics Automation and Digital Twin


  Logistics forum LOG-IN

The logistics forum, LOG-IN, brings annually relevant case studies while considering the latest innovative technologies and projects in logistics and supply chain management. New trends and technologies will be front and center of the upcoming 13th edition as well on April 11, 2019.


The trainer and coach of top athletes and managers and Járomír Jágr´s former hockey and mental coach, Marián Jelínek, will open the 13th edition of the logistics forum LOG-IN with a lecture on the Pros and Cons of Wealth with the additional title Wealth and Personal Happiness. He will address questions such as what can be considered a success, where to take inspiration and whether it is possible to enjoy wealth and simultaneously be happy.

                                                                         Logistics forum LOG-IN 2018 Logistics forum LOG-IN 2018 


One topic of the upcoming annual gathering LOG-IN will be artificial intelligence and the ways it will affect all logistics processes. Experts from the logistics industry will discuss the last mile from the perspective of sustainability. In addition, they will focus on the digitalization of logistics and standards in transport as well.

                                                                         Logistics forum LOG-IN  Logistics forum LOG-IN


The company ANASOFT will be part of the programme with the talk Logistics Automation and Digital Twin. This talk will mostly revolve around intelligent logistics management (Smart Logistics) and automation of logistics processes via the technology of digital twin

The digital twin is among the top technology trends of 2019, and it holds a crucial functionality within the Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) framework and solutions. The case studies demonstrating the real-life implementation of the digital twin in in-plant and transport logistics will feature throughout the talk.

                                                                          Peter Bilik, ANASOFT Logistics forum LOG-IN


For the first time, the logistics forum LOG-IN will offer visitors an opportunity to have their logistics optimization potential assessed during a consultation session. Visitors will receive an indicative analysis of their logistics processes.

The LOG-in attendees who sign up for the consultation session will have an opportunity to discover what cost savings they can expect from the automation of warehouse and inventory management, what the real potential of increasing the effectivity of their intralogistics processes with digitalization is, or what optimizing measures can be taken regarding their supply chain management. To sign-up for the analysis, apply here.


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