Digital Undertaking – Myth or Reality?


Digital Undertaking – Myth or Reality?Each month, ATP Journal provides the latest information from the field of industrial automation and corporate information systems to more than 3,100 experts who are regular readers. 

Its internet articles at have constituted part of its print version for a long period of time, and interest in these pages dedicated to automation is growing as evidenced by its monthly hit rate of more than 4,700.


For this reason, we are pleased that our colleague, Peter Bílik, has also received space to present his opinion regarding Digital Undertakings. He has been working on software solutions for industrial manufacturing for a long period of time, and currently he works at ANASOFT as the EMANS Solution Designer (the EMANS system is the full solution of the MOM system (Manufacturing operations management) / MES system (Manufacturing execution system).

In his article, Peter briefly describes the steps that a business should take if it wants to ride the wave of the fourth industrial revolution.  The basic step is data collection, followed by the introduction of software for manufacturing operation management, which is one of the building blocks of an intelligent digital undertaking. The building of services which give sense and value to the data accumulated in the information system is the third necessary step toward Industry 4.0.

You can read the entire article at ATP Journal portal in Slovak 

Source: ATP Journal