ANASOFT is Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution. How about You?


INDUSTRY 4.0 - EMANS IS READYCEIT Group focused on innovation and research, together with the economic weekly TREND are organizing a unique event – a conference titled DIGITAL COMPANY 2015, whose partner is also ANASOFT.

The concept of a Digital Company offers insightful solutions for the design and management of production systems, as well as for the product development itself.

It is in advance of the present and introduces trends in new thinking. It touches upon the most important issues of the strategic line INDUSTRY 4.0, which defines the future direction and development of the industry.

The conference will offer professional presentations on new trends, visionary assumptions and real solutions for a digital company in the respective companies in Slovakia and abroad. Ideas and concepts will be presented by significant leaders, among them the head of the Finnish scientific institute VTT, the economic representative from the American embassy, the professor and the winner of multiple awards, the visionary of the digital company idea, professor and founder of robotics in Slovakia, the executive manager of SOVA Digital, as well as the new president of the Association of Automotive Industry in Slovakia. 

The practical application of technologies and tools of the 4th industrial revolution for the digital company is also offered by the EMANS - MOM system developed by ANASOFT. 

Presentations, discussions and practical demonstrations will open the gate of information to the following important topics

  • The future of industrial automation and robotics, represented by a new concept of humanoid industrial robots – cobots, co-workers.
  • Smart connected products introduce greater scope for new features and capabilities, and push the boundaries. They disrupt traditional practices and force manufacturers to reconsider almost everything they do today in the production of their products starting from the initial idea, the design and inputs to the way how to manufacture, operate and service their products. Many companies will have to answer a fundamental question: How shall we continue to do our business?
  • IoT (Internet of Things) collects real-time information from sensors, equipment and devices and combines them with data and intelligence of business systems and people. It encourages the emergence of completely new technological structures and the innovation will involve several layers: new hardware, software, connectivity, cloud, security tools, gateways for external information sources and comprehensive integration with enterprise systems.
  • Current Best-in practices in 3D scanning, comparison of the product with CAD models and digitization in phases of product development, examples of product inspection in the introduction into production. An integral part of the product design stages is an efficient use of Rapid Prototyping methods.
  • We will point out the importance of the direction with regard to Reverse & Reproduction Engineering in the near future
  • The issue of plant life cycle management in production automation. Possibilities of linking various life stages of production technology in software environment and their implementation in Siemens products. 
  • How can tools of a digital company contribute to effective change in logistics processes?


  • Conference name: Digital Company 2015, Digital workaholics for INDUSTRY 4.0
  • Date of conference: 16 and 17 June 2015
  • Place: Congress Centre Holiday Inn, Žilina Slovakia

EMANS MOM system - Evolution in manufacturing

The EMANS system represents a complete resolution of the MOM system (Manufacturing operations management). ISA-95 based standards and related norms were used in its design and thus the software platform complies with stringent industrial design requirements. The current third generation of the EMANS system benefits from our years of experience with the implementation of information systems in the environment of manufacturing companies.  EMANS is used by manufacturing companies for monitoring and controlling a wide spectrum of production processes, logistics and quality control. Our ambition is to push EMANS as a production “operation system.”