ANASOFT among Innovators of the Year


ANASOFT among Innovators of the Year

ANASOFT won the top honour in the Project innovation of the year category for its Smart Industry solution EMANS during the night of the LOG-IN Award ceremony. The competition aims to spotlight the best logistics innovations and innovators.

            LOG-IN Award Ceremony

The new competition aspires to celebrate the best innovations of the year in logistics according to the organizers of the competition, and thus support innovators and inspire other companies to innovate. The most prominent innovations of this year were in the following categories: technical and technological innovation, project innovation, real estate industry innovation, and expert of the year.

Smart Industry solution EMANS by ANASOFT was declared the Best Project Innovation of the Year. The implementation of the system EMANS for the dynamic management of logistics and warehouse processes based on real-time business demands of the end user stood out in the league of competitors comprised of both local and international project innovations.

The EMANS system platform represents a complex production information system based on the technologies of Industry 4.0 and is designed for intelligent manufacturing and logistics.

At ANASOFT, we endeavour to provide our clients with solutions that provide a maximum added value with the most suitable new technologies for both their present and future developments. Winning the LOG-IN Award for our Smart Industry solution EMANS makes us proud and attests that our perception and implementation of the concept of Industry 4.0 will be essential for our clients in their own development and advancement,” said the director of Smart Industry division of ANASOFT, Andrea Čekovská.

ANASOFT has been helping enterprises in digital transformation and developing innovations for industry and logistics on a long-term basis, the awarded system EMANS has been successfully deployed on the international level.


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