ANASOFT Presented Innovations At a Meeting of Industry Innovation Cluster


ANASOFT Presented Innovations At a Meeting of Industry Innovation Cluster

IIC originated under the aegis of French-Slovak Trade Chamber with nine founding members: Groupe PSA, ZSSK, GEFCO, Faurecia, Plastic Omnium, Orange, HB Reavis, and Slovak Lines. The ambition of IIC is to attain the status of the accelerator of innovations in the Slovak industry and push Slovakia toward economic competitiveness and industry innovations.

In the words of the vice-chairman of the board of directors of ZSSK Patrik Horný: “We are working on creating and maintaining new industry concepts and complex innovations. The big companies have to unite and build stable mechanisms of management of mutual research and development projects.”

ANASOFT, being a company that offers long-term industry solutions and technological innovations, was invited to present innovations that could buttress the combined ambitions of members of IIC. Amongst the notable innovations introduced by ANASOFT in this gathering was solution based on principles of cyber-physical production systems enabling successful and effective digital transformation of enterprises and implementation of autonomous and lean production and logistics processes.

Since the members of IIC sought partners for mutual research & developmental projects, ANASOFT apprised the cluster about its on-going research and development framework, which comprises three main courses: User Experience (UX), Autonomy, and Predictiveness.

Moreover, on account of IIC’s demands, which are in the domains of automatization, robotization, and predictive maintenance, ANASOFT presented successfully implemented projects in the aforementioned fields, such as evaluation of movement effectivity, dubbed Skeleton Tracking. Skeleton Tracking functions on the principle of Kinect. In addition to this, ANASOFT introduced solutions centered on advanced Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), as regards telemanipulation (gesture & voice control) in the sphere of UX.

Furthermore, in the case of Autonomy, ANASOFT acquainted the group with successfully implemented innovation projects in the field of logistics processes. An example of the discussed subject was on the automatization of the picking process (autonomous control of material flow) and dynamic Milk Run (effective line feeding based on actual demands). Concerning research & development projects of Predictiveness, ANASOFT introduced solutions of predictive purchasing management and automatic warehouse system.

Also, during the held discussions between representatives of enterprises actively seeking innovations and ANASOFT, ANASOFT presented solutions for predictive maintenance based on the big data analysis, artificial neural networks, and genetic algorithms.