ANASOFT Named One Of The Top 3 Logistics Projects Innovators


ANASOFT Named One Of The Top 3 Logistics Projects Innovators

The intelligent intralogistics project by Smart Industry solution EMANS by ANASOFT has been named one of the top three logistics project innovations of the year 2018.

In spite of the immense competition posed by other distinguished innovators, ANASOFT has been named as one of the top three logistics project innovators of the year 2018 during the Gala Evening of Logistics Innovations. This revered credit was for ANASOFT’s Intelligent Intralogistics by Smart Industry solution EMANS project, developed for an automotive OEM factory looking to digitalize and automatize its in-plant supply processes, i.e., manufacturing logistics.

The Gala Evening was organized by ATOZ Logistics, an international organizer of logistics conventions. ATOZ Logistics is also the publisher of Systems of Logistics, a trade magazine that spotlights innovations in the logistics industry.

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The said OEM factory had cherry-picked ANASOFT to provide innovative industry solutions, including ANASOFT’s very own Smart Industry system EMANS—an Intelligent Operations Management system. The Smart Industry system EMANS affords the factory autonomous synchronization of supply and manufacturing processes.

This system employed the Industrial internet of things (IIoT) and the digital twin technology in the distributed architecture to guarantee effective operation of tugger trains within the in-plant dynamic Milk Run system (Milk Run 4.0), seamless material flow, and also to provide real-time access to precise information (track & trace) along dataflow automation.

The factory’s initial in-plant supply processes revolved around forklifts. However, with the integration of ANASOFT’s project and Smart Industry system, an agile and intelligent solution of manufacturing logistics was conceived being fully scalable to existing and new processes, and thus enhancing logistics management with large portions of autonomous decision-making.

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Remarkably, the digitalization and automation of the OEM’s manufacturing logistics by ANASOFT increased the factory’s supply effectiveness by 23% and reduced logistics downtime by 31%, thereby boosting overall human resources optimization by 60% in the first months of operation.



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