Rollout of Cargosell.NET in Eastern Europe


The marketing solution Cargosell.NET, developed by Anasoft for Schmitz Cargobull AG - Europe's largest manufacturer of semi-trailers, has been completed and is currently being rolled out in Eastern Europe.

Zero-fault Assembly at HBPO


During 2011 - 2012 ANASOFT continued the chain of installations of Assembly Securing Solution for HBPO GmbH in their new German sites in Rastatt (Daimler) and Ingolstadt (Audi) as well as in their plants in Kecskemet, Hungary (Daimler), Puebla in Mexico (VW, Audi) and Lozorno in Slovakia (VW, Seat, Skoda).

The New Member of the Slovak Automotive Industry Association Helps Achieve Improved Quality in Automotive Products


Since 15 June 2011, ANASOFT has become a full member of the Association and intends to accomplish the mission and goals of the Association in partcular by improving quality of Slovak automotive products.

Assembly Lines from England to Mexico


ANASOFT has recently successfully finished the implementation of EMANS product (complex management of assembly processes) designed for control of assembly line production for HBPO in Banbury, England.

Monitoring and Management of Production Processes in HBPO


HBPO, world-wide development and manufacturing partner of front-end modules for all major car manufacturers has monitoring and management of production processes under control. International company ANASOFT has designed new conception of production process management for HBPO which brought transparency into the production process monitoring and synchronization of order realization.