LOG-IN 2019: Digital Twin and Logistics Automation


The purpose of the logistics forum, LOG-IN, is to support innovations in the logistics industry, thereby motivating industry professionals to innovate more. The upcoming 16th edition of the forum will focus on the latest technologies transforming the logistics industry, successful innovative projects, and new trends.

Let’s Expect Unexpected 2019: Smart Transformation and Intelligent Warehouse Logistics


What impact has growing digitalization had on enterprises and logistics? How are warehouse and logistics processes changing? In the near future, what challenges will enterprises and distribution centers face?

ANASOFT Named One Of The Top 3 Logistics Projects Innovators


The intelligent intralogistics project by Smart Industry solution EMANS by ANASOFT has been named one of the top three logistics project innovations of the year 2018.

LOG-IN 2019: Logistics Automation and Digital Twin


The logistics forum, LOG-IN, brings annually relevant case studies while considering the latest innovative technologies and projects in logistics and supply chain management. New trends and technologies will be front and center of the upcoming 13th edition as well.

Let´s Expect Unexpected 2019: Disruptive Technologies and Near Future


Digitalisation. Artificial Intelligence. Emerging disruptive technologies. Singularity. New technologies are transforming society and business at breakneck speed. The new series of conferences Let´s Expect Unexpected will zero in on topics of near future and opportunities they will yield. ANASOFT will speak at the conference on the theme of digital transformation and intelligent industry.

ANASOFT among Innovators of the Year


The company ANASOFT won the top honour at the inaugural edition of the logistics innovations competition, the LOG-IN Award.

Digitalisation and Big Data in Industry


Most enterprises are investing in data accumulation and analytics’ technologies as a part of their route to digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

Sustainability as a Reigning Topic in the Logistics Segment


Central European logistics congress, EASTLOG, entered the third decade of its existence recently. The company, ANASOFT aided it by partnering with its new section, ITLOG.

The Biggest Logistics Event in the Central Europe


The company ANASOFT became a partner of the 21st edition of the congress EASTLOG, covering the whole domain of logistics and simultaneously reflecting the latest trends.

With the President of the Slovak Republic in Korea


The president, Andrej Kiska went on his first official visit to the Republic of Korea. On the journey, he was also accompanied by representatives of the successful domestic enterprises in the field of innovations, including ANASOFT.