The philosophy of ANASOFT hinges on continuous development. ANASOFT establishes new standards in selected domains and simultaneously supports internal projects in the research and development.


Autonomous, self-learning, auto-optimization and genetic algorithms, and artificial neural networks all represent primary concepts of production automation. Besides being utilized for autonomous control of manufacturing operations and processes, they are also utilized when planning, in the form of forecasts and prognosis, the optimization of industrial processes and predictive management such as autonomous warehouse management or predictive maintenance.


The processing of large volumes of heterogeneous data (“Big Data”) of automatized production employed to detect patterns of behavior and relations and identify anomalies.


The technology of augmented reality bridges physical and cyber environment in the form of virtual workspace. The virtual layer enables the immediate access and visualization of correct data and information in the space of manufacturing process as well as providing immediate support for maintenance.



Human-Machine Interface includes technologies that enable communication between human users and machines to curb the obstacles encountered when people interact with dynamic technical systems—for example through telemanipulation.


Trends in Logistics

Trends in Logistics - EMANS

We have created a solution which provides important information concerning the status and exact location of materials and products  - something beyond the framework of information available from ordinary ERP systems.

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) EMANS is ready to support logistics processes in the manufacturing. More about solution 


RTL systemsRTL systems (Real Time Locating System) serve to: 

Location tracking of assets, goods and people in real time
Position sensing of RFID tags inside buildings or within premises within 50 m.
Reading and writing information stored in the tag

More about RLT systems


MOVING OBJECTS RECOGNITION Monitoring and recognition of moving objects is secured using a set of software solutions, which are deployed to analyze traffic density and count various types of vehicles on roadways. The solutions uses advanced technology to process images generated from video records or from an online video source.

The assembly production solution EMANS introduces new approach to “traditional” way of control the assembly line with gestures.

Possibilities of application of 3D scanning technology operators in the training centers industrial assembly.

Anasoft is the first company in Slovakia to introduce Kinect in production. Kinect from Microsoft Emans is used for detecting movement of workers in the production. It enables production process control by movement, such as hand movement.

More about the use of Kinect in EMANS

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