Traceability - Full Birth Certificate of the Product

Traceability means tracking and storing of production data (storing of production parameters, information on the use of materials, semi-finished products and parts in the manufacture of the product). If, e.g. the fault in one piece of the part, which has been fitted to the product, is discovered, due the traceability it is possible to find the products which used parts of the same batch, packaging, etc.

Creating of product birth certificates by the Emans system allows manufacturing companies to know and trace at any time the exact "birth certificate" of the product - exact information on how, when and with what parts the product has been produced and where it has been used (or sold).

A complete birth certificate of the product - EMANS

During the production the EMANS system collects all relevant data relating to products and ongoing operations. These are very valuable manufacturing proofs, data, containing measured parameters of the production layer, applied materials and components, sensory images, photos and numerous other data. The unique architecture of the EMANS solution allows unlimited data collection during production process, giving you the ability to register, identify and archive all activities in manufacturing.

In addition to monitoring of parameters and applied materials it is also possible to keep track of the production progress (who, when, and what kind of operation has been carried out), keeping of test results including results of measurements, registering of resulting disagreements and how they were addressed, all production documentation, production conditions (pressure, temperature, screw torques) and many other parameters. Then, after the product manufacturing is completed, it is possible to find out where the product or semi-finished product has been used or sold, what were its manufacturing parameters (according to its lot or serial number).

The traceability is employed mainly in the automotive industry. It is defined mostly by the VDA 5005 standard.