Flexible change in the manufacturing process according to needs of the production

Flexible control of the production process

Operatívna zmena výrobného postupu podľa potreby výrobyThe Emans software offers an effective solution for the needs of production process management from the receipt of production orders, dispatching of material from stores, through the various steps of the manufacturing process, to the quality control and shipment. 

In making the products with high variability, there are several variants of the manufacturing processes, which, moreover, are often changing. In order to allow personnel quickly and easily respond to changes in the production process, Emans offers a tool for creating models of production processes (Business Process Modeler - BPM). By activation of such a model the production processes may be quickly and easily configured and managed.

The BPM tool comply with the following requirements for configuration and process modifications

  • Intuitive and easy control
  • The possibility of making changes in real time without having to stop production
  • Well-arranged graphical representation of the process. The process is modeled as a series of steps graphically interconnected through diagrams
  • Easy communication with equipment at individual workplaces
  • Configuration of steps through parameters setting
  • The process may be branched and linked together in any point, based on defined condition (scanned product code...)


EMANS Business Process Modeler - BPMIn each step of the process an operation may carried out, which we can select from a list of operations and set its parameters.

Example of operations that may be defined

  • Readinginput from the PLC
  • Barcode printing
  • Reading the barcode with a scanner
  • Reading the information from the RFID tag (e.g. Operator's login)
  • Setting torque of the screwdriver
  • Setting of the digital output (e.g. Start of the conveyor)
  • Evaluation of the camera test
  • Display of the assembly step on the operator's screen

Assembly process on the operator's screen

Example of frequent use is just display the current assembly operation on the screen of the operator. Assembly screen of the operator displays the current assembly steps and other information (e.g. the Order number).  The operator has the opportunity to interact, may skip the step, and enter downtime or product's defect.

Individual parts of the screen may be changed using parameters. This means that at each assembly operation a text with instructions, an animation image, or parameters displayed on the right part of the screen may be adjusted. The adjustment is done using a simple editor.

BPM modeler may be run directly in the internet browser without having to install the application. Thus the process is possible to adjust from any place connected to the corporate network.