EMANS Benefits for Your Company

  • Process integration and sharing of resources between production, logistics, quality control and maintenance
    Creating an environment to connect the virtual and physical world  by networking interactive devices (touch panel, optical sensor, camera ...) it is possible to create conditional production processes in respect of man and machine relation
    Openness of the system without restrictions in terms of use of equipment from different manufacturers

Benefits MOM system´s EMANS for your company

The features of the EMANS solution


EMANS adapts to the uniqueness of every production. It can flexibly respond to production expansion or changes over time to adapted customer requirements. Possibility of flexible changes in working procedure consists of adjustments to the new procedures, while each change in the process is automatically and immediately distributed to the workplace. EMANS thereby creates monitors and manages relationships between the material, equipment and operator immediately after the change.


By implementing automatic monitoring of the production process, it eliminates manually filled in documents and reports, and replaces them with electronic viewing. Records of the entire course of the production in the required scope are performed digitally, as well as records of downtimes, scrap etc. Management of manufacturing operations is also electronic including the distribution of orders and bills of materials, process visualization, production process visualization, technical drawings...


The solution architecture is designed to allow EMANS to connect without restrictions to the existing equipment, or the employed ERP system. The customer can, therefore, use equipment from different manufacturers. Transparency and ergonomics of the application is sufficiently comprehensive for the end-user to take over the management of the system.

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