EMANS Benefits for Your Company

Machinery Effectiveness ImprovementMachinery Effectiveness Improvement 

  • Effectiveness Improvement of Production Equipment
  • Increase of Production Capacity and Potential of Machines, Equipment and Production Line Bottlenecks

Human Resources OptimizationHuman Resources Optimization

  • Labor Productivity Increase
  • Reduction of Integration Time of New Employees
  • Optimization of Training and Re-Training Processes
  • Increase of Occupational Health & Safety in Working Environment

Waste & Leakage ReductionWaste & Leakage Reduction

  • Elimination of Various Types and Kinds of Waste and Leakage
  • Identification of Sources and Root-Causes of Waste
  • Increase of Working Environment Reliability

Error-Rate ReductionError-Rate Reduction

Prevention & ReactivityPrevention & Reactivity

  • Incident and Machinery Downtime Prevention in Production Processes
  • Accelerating Responses to Breakdowns, Delays and Unexpected Events
  • Real-Time Notifications About Faulty Material, Wrong Equipment Configuration and Deviations from Technological Regulations


Security & ReliabilitySecurity & Reliability

  • Augmentation of Reliability and Maintainability of Working Environment
  • Working Environment Security Enhancement
  • Information Security


On-Time Delivery PerformanceOn-Time Delivery Performance

  • Meeting the Customer Demands Within the Timeframe of Requested Delivery Date
  • Securing the Supply Chain Management
  • Levelling Production and Automating Material Handling


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