EMANS Functions


Manufacturing ManagementThe wide functionality of the EMANS system enables effective planning, control, monitoring, and assessment of all operations and processes in the production flow with seamless access to data in real time. The system is designed to provide standardization, modularity, and interoperability within complex processes while reducing waste, preventing leakages, and forestalling the occurrence of scraps in the manufacturing flow.


  • Production planning (JIT/JIS, KANBAN, HEIJUNKA)
  • Autonomous allocation of available production sources and control of material flow
  • Digital distribution of work orders; paperless production
  • Batch recording of components used in the manufacturing of specific products
  • Labor write-off for production operations and evaluation of productivity
  • Visualization of work instructions and technological documentation
  • Control of the production flow and realization of manufacturing operations on the basis of technological standards (Poka-Yoke)
  • Visualization of the current status of production plan realization, distribution of notifications, and emergency warnings


Smart Logistics

The implementation of Smart Industry solution in logistics, allows for the automation of logistics processes based on the employment of cyber-physical production system principles. Extended capacity and improved performance are achieved thanks to the increased flexibility of individual operations within the entire supply chain starting from purchasing logisticsinbound and outbound logistics, warehouse managementintralogistics and up to transportation logistics.

Autonomous and self-learning algorithms control all the operations; therefore, EMANS, as an auto-optimization solution, anticipates and forestalls the occurrence of incidents on in the spehere of material, human, and equipment resources. Furthermore, the security, reliability, and flexibility of EMANS enhance the supply chain processes.

  • Control of material feeding (OnDemand, KANBAN)
  • Planning the collection and distribution of material according to actual demands (dynamic MILKRUN)
  • Management of conveyor belts and other closed transportation facilities
  • Autonomous control and coordination of transportation facilities along with the optimization of fulfillment of logistics demands concerning production
  • Control of material-picking process (per individual order, high-volume picking, parallel picking in several storages)
  • Material picking control (PickByLight, PickByPoint, PickByVoice), control of compliance with the FIFO principle
  • Visualization of current status of fulfilling logistics demands; distribution of notifications in emergency

QUALITY management optimization

Quality Management Optimization

Smart Industry EMANS solution ensures transparency in all production processes while traceability function permits the creation of detailed birth certificate of products; monitors quality indicators, Key Performance Indicators, and generates detailed audit trails. The quality improvement is achieved via autonomous planning and management of selective, emergency, and operational quality control processes.


  • Planning and control of quality testing of products according to standard technological processes
  • Control of emergency and operative quality control
  • Management of quality control of inbound material and outbound products
  • Blocking and clearing of material and products based on the results of quality control
  • Visualization of work instructions and technological documentation for quality testers
  • Recording and assessing causes of low-grade products

intelligent MAINTENANCE control

Intelligent Maintenance Control

Maintenance is an essential aspect of every company. Smart Industry solution EMANS allows intelligent maintenance management, precisely in operational, planned, corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance. The system collects and processes data and monitors the performance of equipment to prevent breakdowns while indicating preventive maintenance whenever necessary.

The combination of the industrial internet of things and big data ensures predictive and optimal maintenance strategy. And with the help of automatic maintenance planning, it minimizes unexpected equipment downtime. The technical state of equipment; its performance, and the wear and tear of spare parts can be evaluated in real time, thereby reducing operational and maintenance costs. This intelligent maintenance system combines technology, data, forecasting, and resources to ensure optimum equipment productivity and eliminate breakdowns. 

  • Planning and control of operative and correctional maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Planning and control of preventive maintenance based on the evaluation of their current utilization or other indicators
  • Planning and control of re-adjustment of production machinery (SMED)
  • Coordination of maintenance and manufacturing according to production plan
  • Visualization of work instructions and technological documentation for maintenance operators
  • Visualization of maintenance plan fulfillment in real time; distributions of emergency notifications

real time DATA COLLECTION AND analytics

Real time Data Collection and AnalysisProduction and enterprise data are essential for operational planning and business control. Smart Industry solution EMANS ensures the effective collection, monitoring, and analysis of all data (Big Data) in real time through interoperable industrial internet of things. Therefore, supervisors have seamless access to up-to-the-minute, precise, and unambiguous information (single version of truth).


  • Labor monitoring
  • Monitoring of manufacturing and transportation equipment
  • Monitoring of material utilization
  • Evaluation of Overall Labor Effectiveness
  • Evaluation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Evaluation of material utilization effectiveness
  • Data collection and creation of unique birth certificate of each product