EMANS Capabilities

EMANS Solution Capabilities


  • Operative and Detail Production Planning

Operative Resource Control

  • Work Allocation and Control
  • Coordination of Operations in Production Processes
  • Control of succession of processes

Data Collection and Process Monitoring

  • Creation of Detailed Product´s Birth Certificate
  • Creation and Archiving of Employee, Machinery and Material Logs

Evaluation of Performance Indicators

  • Immediate and Precise Monitoring and Real-Time Analysis of Overall Effectivity of Machinery, Overall Labor Effectiveness, Overall Material Effectiveness and Key Performance Indicators

Optimization of Resource Utilization

  • Control of Manufacturing and Logistics Processes Through Autonomous and Self-Learning Algorithms

Paperless Production

  • Digitalization of Enterprise´s Processes
  • Digital Distribution of Production Orders and Production Documentation


  • Visualization of Work Orders, Fabrication Procedures, Technical Documentation, Real-Time Production Status, Notifications and Warnings


  • Securing Compliance With Standards Poka-Yoke, FIFO, LIFO, KANBAN, ANDON and others