Solution EMANS - Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

The EMANS system represents a complete resolution of the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) / MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management). ISA-95 based standards and related norms were used in its design and thus the software platform complies with stringent industrial design requirements. The current third generation of the EMANS - manufacturing software, benefits from our years of experience with the implementation of information systems in the environment of manufacturing companies. EMANS is used by manufacturing companies for monitoring and controlling a wide spectrum of production processes, logistics and quality control. Our ambition is to push EMANS as a production “operation system.”

Manufacturing operations management EMANS

EMANS Ensures

  • Management and allocation of production sources (machines, tools, labor force and material)
  • Operative and detailed production planning
  • Dispatching and distribution of production orders
  • Process management of production implementation
  • Visualization of data and documents necessary for implementing production operations
  • Management of the movement and storage of materials
  • Production data collection and accumulation
  • Recording and search for data related to the status and used production sources during production
  • Evaluation of the performance and effectiveness of production sources
  • Quality testing management
  • Production equipment maintenance management

Target Group

EMANS can be used by manufacturing companies with discrete or batch types of production. These environments call for specific requirements for ensuring activities which are critical from the following aspects:

  • High quality of products and zero error rate in production
  • Ensuring safety in production
  • Achieving the highest possible effectiveness of production
  • Ensuring the reliability of production sources and the stable production capacity of the company
  • Adhering to sector regulations and norms, such as the traceability of the product’s “birth certificate”  

Labor Effectiveness - EMANS

These goals can only be accomplished by the implementation of suitable production processes, logistics processes, quality testing processes and equipment maintenance processes which are the “family jewels” of every manufacturing company. Success in adhering to established processes is determined by suitable information system support. EMANS is the best solution thanks to its complexity, flexibility and reliability.

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