DOMUS is used to manage more than 750,000 units

The DOMUS system is a comprehensive solution for managing residential and non-residential properties and heat production. The four user-friendly Windows modules help streamline your day-to-day tasks.


Module DOMUS

The DOMUS module gives its name to the entire system and is used to administer properties, inspections and property users, monitor payments, take meter readings and features supports for annual billing.

Module FINUS

FINUS is a comprehensive financial system supporting double-entry accounting with support for invoicing, sales, inventory, property records, CRM, bank accounts, cash registers and transport. 

Module Mzdy a pesonalistika (Salaries)

Salaries calculates salaries pursuant to valid legislation with personnel records, -attendance, actual payroll calculations, reporting and automatic posting. FINUS and Salaries function as flexible financial system used by accounting companies, HR agencies, etc.

Module Výroba tepla (Heat Production)

Heat Production is specifically for heat producers supervised by the Regulatory Office for Networked Industries (ÚRSO). It monitors costs, meter readings and usage data from these readings, generates invoices and monitors technical production equipment.

Central Server Module

Data is exchanged between platforms by the Central Server module. We operate this module as a service accessible to all our customers: 

  • SMS notifications sent to Czech and Slovak mobile numbers
  • Online interactivity using www.poschodoch.sk
  • Database backups
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Hybrid mail system
  • Online meter reading
  • Mobile Android app

DOMUS is accessible where you need it most:

DOMUS is accessible where you need it most:Regular modules for routine work start up easily as friendly, ergonomically-designed Windows applications. 


DOMUS is accessible where you need it most:Owners can browse data for entire buildings or individual flats using a web browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. 


DOMUS is accessible where you need it most:Meter readers use the mobile application on their Android phones and iOS to read utility meters.