DECEUS Cyber Deception in Action 

DECEUS is a deception based threat intelligence system which distributes monitored decoys and traps. When an attacker attempts to exploit a deception trap, network administrators are notified in real-time. 

Deception traps never put real IT infrastructure at risk. Cyber attack efforts are instead diverted from mission-critical systems. When integrated with other Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, honeypot traps can also help identify hackers, while simultaneously improving overall network protection. 

DECEUS is scalable to the needs of large enterprises and SMEs. Deception-based threat intelligence can also help considerably reduce costs caused by data breach and cyber attack investigation.

DECEUS Deception Protection Benefits

  • Identify hackers and cyber attack culprits without risking a real security breach
  • Reduce the frequency of cyber attack attempts on real IT infrastructure, while identifying actual breaches as they happen
  • Neutralize network security threats before they occur and reduce network downtime and data loss

Main modules 


Tokens are honeypot decoys which present hackers and cyber attack perpetrators with interesting (and potentially profitable) information. 

Group of predefined tokens are packaged in DECEUS. Alternatively, users can create custom token decoys.

Token Generator

Use DECEUS to create custom decoy tokens using easy to edit predefined templates.

Token Deployment

Automatically deploy decoy tokens on any networked computer using standard application deployment tools. (MS SCCM, Tivoli, MS GPO).

Fake Servers

Servers hosted fake data for tokens.

You can deploy new or use existing servers.


Monitor network security threats as they manifest. Standard monitoring tools like MS SCOM, Zabbix, Nagios, OpenNMS, notify security administrators the second a decoy token is activated.