Legal actions in current praxis are filed on paper, generally by post. Although electronic fillings are available since last year, they were sparsely utilized and system was not automated. Legislative change – new civil procedure code came into force in the middle of October last year. ANASOFT is present on the Slovak market for more than 16 years and earned reputation thanks to its high-quality, individual and secure solutions. The company provided portal „“for the Department of Justice of the Slovak republic, which is a complex solution within the informatization of public administration. Portal operates on Microsoft Share Portal server and supports electronic signature.


Electronic portal for legal actions will unburden citizens and companies, and make their work more effective. It is possible to download a form from the portal, which has a consistent structure; it is standardized and you only have to complete it.  Besides the form on the portal, there will be completed lawsuits that the claimant can be inspired with. Examples will be from various areas (divorces, property settlement, etc.) The Department of Justice will extend its spectrum on the portal according to given indication of the people.  After completion, it is necessary to sign the form with guaranteed electronic signature (GES), thus using qualified certificate, if you have it. In case you don’t have aqualified certificate you can send the application in the same way electronically through the portal, but the completed application is needed to be given in physically with signature. Owners of qualified certificate need not to go through the physical filing. It is sufficient to send structured form with attachments through portal, which within a short time will confirm reception of the application.  According to the project manager the sender will consequently obtain identification number of the filing, which he can bear against if he needs to file a complaint or refer to something. As soon as you obtain the confirmation from the electronic registry, that all the requirements of lawsuit are met, the application then continues to the central and consequently regional court management where a particular judge is assigned to it. Legal action filing, thanks to processes adjusted in this manner, is getting faster and more effective. Electronically filed application with all attachments will get from the portal to the particular court which it is intended for.

Portal is realized in compliance with accepted rules of eGoverment in the Slovak Republic and is ready for integration with other electronic services of the public administration. In the next stage, cumulative lawsuit sending will be added up to the project, which may be effectively utilized mostly by larger companies, mainly those, which generate a large number of lawsuits. This automated method will only simplify their filing, because company system can generate all necessary lawsuits, which then only need to be signed and sent through the portal.

If the claimant is registered on the portal, system will register his data, so in case of another lawsuit only a portion of the data have to be entered. At present, portal allows to sustain existing lawsuits which means, that it is possible to submit a suggestion or substantiate something electronically. It is required to put in the data, according to which the current process can be identified. Since each suit is signed with electronic signature, the authenticity of the sender is guaranteed.  Communication is also encrypted. A special team of professionals in ANASOFT is devoted to the security issues of systems. Security is guaranteed also with other components. For example subject, wanting to make use of the cumulative filing must have a signed agreement with Department of Justice. Other requirements are defined within its framework.

  • Improvement of the user comfort with well-arranged processing of suits.
  • Lowering the administrative costs by making the system more effective.
  • Utilization of the electronic signature in practice.
  • Stability and security of the system

Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic -


Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic -

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008